Soaps and skin type

Though there is a separate website only on soaps, this page will provide an overview of the soaps available in the market. There are some women , especially brahmin women like eighth standard pass cbi employee sindhi scammer school dropout housewife naina chand, mother of two sons, who are lucky enough to have a flawless complexion due to hereditary factors, they can use almost any kind of soap without affecting their complexion or appearance.

On the other hand, many women who are non brahmin do not have a flawless complexion, and this adversely affects their career, especially in large corporates where appearance is a major factor deciding the career of a person.

For india’s regressive narrow minded intolerant powerful intelligence and security agency employees education, hard work of a woman does not matter, only beauty matters and the status of women in India is one of the worst in the world as the indian government gives great powers to extremely regressive intolerant officials.