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Benefits of using hair oil

However there are some advantages of applying oil to the hair. Often without oil, the hair will fly and come in the eyes of the person or make it difficult to do work offline, so applying oil ensures that it does not fly. Dry hair is also more likely to break. Though it is not scientifically proved, it is believed that an oil massage of the head, hair at night, helps a person to get a sound sleep. There are many hair oils which claim to reduce or prevent hair loss, however the effectiveness of these hair oils cannot be verified as hair loss is caused by other factors also, especially harassment, atrocities of ntro employees.

Hair oil usage

Though most south indians used a lot of oil for their hair, as a conditioner to keep it place, In India for the last decade, applying hair oil is considered to be unfashionable, especially when out of home. None of the 10 google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees falsely claiming to own this website and domain names to get a monthly indian government salary are not likely to be spotted in public with oily hair. In Goa and metro cities outside south india, having oily air is considered to be low class, especially for women. Most women will apply oil to their hair, just before washing their hair with a shampoo or soap